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Services – Lennie Hamilton Services Ltd


We provide a range of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Services, from Patio Cleaning through to Book-Keeping, through Blast-It, VAG Diag, LHS Transport, & LHS Book Keeping.

LHS Book Keeping – Accounting and Book Keeping Services and Advice

Providing anything from illness and holiday cover to a full bookkeeping service, ready to be presented to your accountant for year end.  We do Payroll, VAT Returns, Tax Returns, and normal Book Keeping.

LHS Transport – Driver Hire and Transport Management

HGV Class 1 Driver hire, and Transport Manager Services for Goods Vehicle Operators Licence Holders.

VAG Diag – Diagnostic and Retro Fits for VW AG Group Vehicles

We offer a full VCDS Diagnostic Scan, Error Clearing, Retro Fits, etc., on VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda Cars.  This includes emailing all scan results to you for future reference.  We can retrofit things like Cruise Control, turn on Needle Sweep, coming home lights, bleep on lock/unlock, etc., provided your control modules support it.

Blast-It – High Pressure Cleaning, Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal, Wet Blasting

We cover all pressure washing tasks from high pressure cleaning of driveways, patios & car parks, chewing gum and graffiti removal, steam cleaning of to large scale building cleaning including the washing down of external cladding on commercial industrial units.

Our standard pressure washer/steam cleaners can produce pressures up to 300 bar (4350psi) and heat the water up to 100°C at the tip of the nozzle letting us find a solution for almost all cleaning tasks.  We also have the ability through our partners to get 500 bar/7300psi machines which allow us to cover a greater area or deeper cleaning of tougher surfaces, meaning that the bigger jobs can be done in a shorter timescale.  This equipment also comes with portable area cleaners with venturi vacuum systems for areas where overspill would cause problems.

This means that with our equipment the requirement for any chemicals for removing any graffiti or chewing gum is reduced to zero on most jobs, and where there is a requirement for chemicals to be used, we always try to do so by using ecologically sound technology, for example bio-degradable & non toxic treatments, which we are always willing to explore and try out.

We are well aware that if graffiti isn’t removed quickly and shortly after it has happened then the number of tags and other graffiti that follows is massive – covering the area in question in a very short amount of time.  Removing this as soon as possible will normally prevent other Artists/Vandals from adding their marks to the area.  In light of this we can also apply an Anti Graffiti Coating in high problem areas which makes removal easier when it re-occurs.

Our wet blasting equipment is most popularly used for paint stripping and in areas where Ultra High Pressure or dry sandblasting isn’t suitable.  The fact that the operator has full control of the pressure and volume of abrasive, means that one machine can clean metalwork, concrete and sandstone without overstepping the mark and causing damage to the surface.

We are also, from 2018, starting to offer dry blast cleaning and polishing, and this should also be a portable system.